A bare-bones blogging application


fortunate is a bare-bones, simple blog app. It is written using Lucky.


  1. Follow Lucky's installation instructions to get the required depencies.
  2. Create a PostgreSQL database fortunate_production.
  3. Clone the git repo from
  4. Run yarn install and shards install
  5. Migrate the database with crystal run -- db.migrate. Optionally run crystal run -- db.create_sample_seeds to create sample data including an initial user (
  6. Compile assets with yarn prod
  7. Compile fortunate with crystal build --release src/

See Lucky's deployment guides for some additional / alternative ideas to get up and running.


fortunate can be configured using environment variables.

Variable name Default Value Description
LUCKY_ENV development Lucky's environment. Set this to production for live installations. The default is fine if you want to improve the code.
DATABASE_URL "postgres:///fortunate_<environment>" The PostgreSQL-URL used to connect to your database
SECRET_KEY_BASE none Set this to a random string. You can use crystal run -- gen.secret_key to generate one.
APP_DOMAIN none Set this to the base url of your domain, e.g.
FORTUNATE_SITE_NAME "My Blog" The name of your blog


  1. Install required dependencies
  2. Clone the git repo from
  3. Run script/setup
  4. Run lucky dev to start the app

You can learn about Lucky from the Lucky Guides.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The project is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt.

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