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🐺 All in one Crystal Task Runner.

All in one Task Runner for Crystal

🐺 Lupin

Lupin is heavily inspired by Gulp and tries to keep the API as close to Gulp's as possible. We want to make it easy for JavaScripters who use Gulp on a regular basis, but miss it from their workflow when working with Crystal.

Lupin is here to fill that space!

NOTE: Lupin is pretty new and currently lacks examples. Please give us time to build some useful plugins, or if you'd like, play around with Lupin yourself and show us the result!

❓ History of Lupin

Lupin was developed with one simple concept in mind. While Crystal already comes with a lot of helpful built in commands, we felt that there is room to improve.

You can just toss a inside your project, and have multiple tasks that might run deployment, multiple unit tests, integration tests, CSS minifiers, you name it.

Lupin gets rid of all the time consumed by executing commands.

Automate your workflow instead, and spend more time writing Crystal code - something you truly love! 💙

🖺 Documentation

You can find all the documentation that helps you get started working with Lupin here.

Please bear with us as we are further extending the documentation with relevant information.

👥 Maintainers

Lupin is maintained by 2 JavaScript programmers.

  • Mark Molnar - Initial concept, designing & implementation of Lupin
  • Milan Szekely - Website maintainer, active Lupin contributor

📃 License

Lupin is released under the MIT License.

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