The Lucky website

Lucky's Website

This is the repository for Lucky's official website

Setting up the project

  1. Install required dependencies
  2. Ensure you have cmake and libxml2 installed for your system. These are required for some shard dependencies of this project
  3. Run script/setup
  4. Run lucky dev to start the app
  5. Visit http://localhost:5000

Editing guides

Guides are located in the src/actions/guides directory. You can edit the markdown in each action file and view changes by running the Lucky app with lucky dev.

Adding a new guide

  1. Create a new guide in src/actions/guides. Usually it is easiest to copy an existing guide as a starting point
  2. Add the guide class to the appropriate category in the GuidesList
  3. That's it! View your guide by running lucky dev and ginding the guide in the sidebar.

Learning Lucky

Lucky uses the Crystal programming language. You can learn about Lucky from the Lucky Guides. Get help on our Discord server.

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