1. Add the dependency to your shard.yml:

        github: jgaskins/nats-streaming
  2. Run shards install


Start by requiring the nats-streaming shard:

require "nats-streaming"

To connect to a NATS Streaming (a.k.a. STAN) server, you need to supply 2 mandatory arguments and one of 3 optional arguments to the NATS::Streaming::Client constructor:

  • cluster_id : String: The name of the NATS Streaming cluster to talk to
  • client_id : String: How this client will be identified by the NATS Streaming server
  • At most one of the following ways to connect to a NATS server:
    • uri : URI: a nats:// or tls:// URI that points to the NATS server your NATS Streaming server talks to
    • servers : Array(URI): a list of NATS servers representing a NATS cluster
    • nats : NATS::Client: wrapping an existing NATS client

If you pass in an existing NATS client, closing the NATS::Streaming::Client will not close the NATS::Client because it does not own it. If you pass in a URI or Array(URI), the client will start up its own NATS::Client, which will be closed when the streaming client closes.

If you don't pass in any of them, it will connect by default to a NATS server on localhost:4222. This makes it dead simple to get started developing locally.

require "nats-streaming"

stan =
  cluster_id: "test-cluster",
  client_id: "pub-sub-test-#{UUID.random}",

# Subscribe to the given subject, executing the block when a message is received.
# Options additional options are:
#   subject : String
#   queue_group : String? = nil                 # Define the queue group to use here. Messages will only be delivered once to a queue group.
#   max_in_flight : Int32 = 10                  # Limit the number of messages this subject receives before we can acknowledge
#   ack_wait = 10.seconds                       # How long to wait before re-delivering
#   durable_name : String? = nil                # Create a durable subscription that survives NATS server restarts
#   start_position : Nats::StartPosition? = nil # Where the first subscription for this queue group will begin in the stream
#     - :new_only
#     - :last_received
#     - :time_delta_start
#     - :sequence_start
#     - :first
#   start_sequence : UInt64? = nil              # When specifying `start_position: :sequence_start`, start at this offset
#   start_time_delta : Int64? = nil             # When specifying `start_position: :time_delta_start`, start this many nanoseconds after the first message in the stream
stan.subscribe "foo", queue_group: "bar" do |msg|
  pp msg

# Publish, wait for acknowledgement
stan.publish "foo", "lol"

# Nonblocking publish, the acknowledgement will be yielded to the block later.
stan.publish "foo", "lol" do |response|
  pp response

sleep 1.second
stan.close # Close the connection cleanly so the server knows we bailed and won't try to send us more messages


TODO: Write development instructions here


  1. Fork it (
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create a new Pull Request


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