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Azula is a strongly-typed compiled language, using an LLVM backend, with the following goals:

  • Static typing
  • Easy-to-read syntax
  • Efficient execution



Current State of Azula

Azula is currently working at a basic level. Azula code can be compiled to a binary with support for packages and imports. All of the examples in the examples folder are runnable. Azula is still missing some base features and a standard library - something I hope to fix soon.


Clone the repository, run the script.


Azula started as a learning exercise through the Writing a Interpreter in Go and Writing a Compiler in Go books by Thorsten Ball. As I reached the end of the compiler, rather than expanding the VM for Azula, I decided compiling to LLVM would make the language far more usable. Rather than attempting to change the version written in Go, I decided to rewrite Azula from scratch in Crystal.


  • Tokenizer
  • Lexer
  • Parser
  • Compiler
  • Write documentation in code
  • Compiler Optimization
  • Standard Library
  • Self-hosting compiler

Compiling Your Code

azula build FILENAME

or to run directly:

azula run FILENAME

or to view the LLIR output:

azula llir FILENAME

Example Code

func fib(int x): int {
    if(x == 0 or x == 1) {
        return x;
    return fib(x - 1) + fib(x - 2);

func main(): void {


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