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skb - Simple knowledge base

skb is a small Crystal/Amber application that allows you to simply publish a collection of Markdown files.

This is inspired by pkb. And most of the source code is ported from pkb.

The purpose of skb is just a practice of the Crystal language.

The favicon (pencil-alt) is from Heroicons



  • Copy the settings.default.yml file to settings.yml and fill in your own details
  • Replace any static files in the public directory. e.g. favicon.ico
  • Link the directory with your Markdown files in it. e.g. ln -s ~/Dropbox/My\ Markdown\ Files pages
  • Start the server, ./bin/skb and visit http://localhost:3000/pages
  • You should have Markdown file called This file will be shown as the homepage: http://localhost:3000/


Please see sample/pages/

There is a custom element named recently-changed-list. It has an optional attribute limit with default value "5".

Use it without the optional attribute limit:


Use it with the optional attribute limit:

<recently-changed-list limit="8"></recently-changed-list>
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