rcmake is a wrapper over CMake designed to avoid having to constantly repeat the same command-line arguments


rcmake is a wrapper over CMake designed to avoid having to constantly repeat the same command-line arguments.

If you feel like you're constantly doing stuff like this::

mkdir build_dir cd build_dir cmake -G Ninja .. -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=clang -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=clang++ -D...

then rcmake is for you! Imagine all that being simplified to just::

rcmake build_dir

Intrigued? Then read on!


You need Crystal <https://crystal-lang.org/>_ (installation instructions for that are here <https://crystal-lang.org/docs/installation/>). (You need shards <https://github.com/crystal-lang/shards> too, but it's included by default in the Crystal binary distributions.)

Once you have that, the easy way to get rcmake is::

$ curl -L https://goo.gl/FQKLvw | sh

If you don't like running random internet scripts, then do it manually::

$ git clone https://github.com/kirbyfan64/rcmake.git $ cd rcmake $ shards build $ ./install.sh /usr/local/bin


rcmake greatly simplifies how you call CMake. In order to do so, it utilizes a config file automatically created when you first run it (it's located at ~/.rcmake.yml).

Here's the most basic way to use rcmake::

rcmake build_dir cd build_dir ninja

That's it! By default, rcmake will use Ninja as the generator target and Clang as the compiler. Within rcmake, compilers are referred to as suites, which consist of both the C compiler and the C++ compiler.

If you want to use make instead of Ninja, just run::

rcmake build_dir -g make

-g allows you to pick a different generator. Here, the make generator (which corresponds to CMake's Unix Makefiles generator) is being used instead.

On the other hand, how about using GCC instead of Clang? You can do that pretty easily::

rcmake build_dir -c gcc

The -c options allows you to change the compiler suite rcmake uses. Here, it's being changed to gcc. (ZapCC is also supported.)

If you want a release build instead of debug, you can use::

rcmake build_dir -t release

In addition, you can even change the linker from the default (gold) to LLD or the classic BFD linker::

rcmake build_dir -l bfd rcmake build_dir -l lld

What if there's an option rcmake doesn't cover? You can just pass it manually using -C for C compiler flags, -X for C++ compiler flags, or -L for linker flags::

rcmake build_dir -C=-std=c99 -X=-std=c++11 -L=-B/usr/bin/ld.gold

You can even pass flags straight to CMake itself::

rcmake build_dir -F=-DWHATEVER=123

The config file

You can customize the default compiler suite and the different suites themselves via the config file, ~/.rcmake.yml. By default, it looks like this:

.. code-block:: yaml

This is the default rcmake config file.

defaults: suite: clang generator: ninja linker: gold

# Default C/C++/linker/CMake flags would go here:
# cflags:
  # - "-std=c99"
# cxxflags:
#   - "-std=c++11"
# lflags:
#   - "-rpath ."
# cmakeflags:
#   - "-DFOO=BAR"

suites: clang: c: clang cxx: clang++ flavor: clang gcc: c: gcc cxx: g++ flavor: gcc zapcc: c: zapcc cxx: zapcc++ flavor: clang

If you want to change the default suite, just change the defaults section like this:

.. code-block:: yaml

defaults: suite: gcc # ...

The same goes changing the default generator and linker: just change their value inside the defaults section.

You can add custom suites, too. For instance, if you find yourself often cross-compiling for Windows, you could add a suite like this:

.. code-block:: yaml

suites: mingw: c: i686-w64-mingw32-gcc cxx: i686-w64-mingw32-g++ flavor: gcc # ...

Command-line usage


Usage: /usr/local/bin/rcmake [flags...]


rcmake is a wrapper over CMake designed to avoid having to constantly repeat the same command-line arguments.

Flags: --cflag, -C (default: []) # Pass the given flag to the C compiler --cmake, -x (default: cmake) # The cmake executable to use --cmakeflag, -F (default: []) # Pass the given flag to CMake --config, -f (default: ~/.rcmake.yml) # The config file to use --cxxflag, -X (default: []) # Pass the given flag to the C++ compiler --gen, -g (default: Ninja) # The generator to use (choices: make, ninja) --help, -h (default: false) # Displays help for the current command. --lflag, -L (default: []) # Pass the given flag to the linker --linker, -l (default: Gold) # The linker to use (choices: bfd, gold, lld) --source, -s (default: /home/ryan/rcmake.cr/build) # The source directory --suite, -c # The compiler suite to use --type, -t (default: Debug) # The build type (choices: debug, release, relwithdebinfo, minsizerel) --version (default: false)

Arguments: dir (required) # The build directory to run CMake inside of


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