A simple Discord image bot


A Discord image bot.

How to use it

Copy local.template.yml to local.yml. Here's the meaning of the options:

  • token: Discord bot token goes here.
  • roles: This is a list of roles whose users can add and remove images and tags.
  • redis: Here lie the Redis configuration options.

If you're deploying to Heroku, then uncomment the env_url line and comment out the host, password

Then run ./ local.yml to start the bot. You'll need a Redis instance running whose settings you've filled out in your local.yml file.

Using docker-compose

You can instead copy redis.template.env to redis.env, modify it to set a password, and then make local.yml look like this:

.. code-block:: yaml

redis: host: redis port: 6379 password: REDIS_PASSWORD_HERE

putting the Redis password you set in redis.env here. Then just run docker-compose up --build.

Using Heroku

Uncomment the env_url line in local.yml, and make sure you have a Heroku Redis plugin available.

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