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Crystal package manager, designed to be fast.

Experimental replacement to shards

The main purpose is to have faster dependencies resolution and download.


  • Fast, and light in memory, dependencies resolution
  • Concurrent download of packages
  • Compatible with shard.yml and shard.lock

Several features arestill lacking compared to shards.


Install locked dependencies:

sherd install

Build the first target:

sherd build


The configuration file is sherd.ini and the lock file is sherd.lock, but shards.yml and shards.lock can still be used.


By default, dependencies will be cloned in Git/SSH, then HTTPS, if nothing is specified in the URI.

tag/ and heads/ match the syntax of git show. The only exception is commit:, which is the commit hash revision.

master will be taken if nothing is specified.

first = >=4.0.3 || <4.4.0
dep = tags/prerelease
somelib = heads/dev
otherlib = commit:1a400f9c6440fbrcb093066f54959eg9fbde5659


Executes shell commands, or build a Crystal source file.

postinstall is a special key: the command will be executed at the end of the library installation.

The variable extra, like extra="--static", can be used to append extra instructions to the command.


name = sherd

postinstall = make
build = src/
build:test = src/

To run a script, use sherd exec [script name], or sherd e [script name]

If the string corresponds to a Crystal source file, it will be build with crystal build into bin/${package_name}.

Example: sherd e build extra="--static" will build statically a bin/sherd executable.

To change the binary name to build, add a name after a colon (like :test)

Example: sherd e build:test will build bin/test.

Multiple targets be run too:

Example: sherd e build run

Note: There is no targets nor executables sections compared to Shards.


Copyright (c) 2019 Julien Reichardt - ISC License

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