Utility for posting Crystal Blog updates to Discord webhooks


Small application for posting articles from the Crystal Blog to Discord webhooks.

This is intended to be run on a cron. It works by reading a configured directory that is a clone of crystal-website, scans it for markdown files, and parses the markdown files to send notifications to Discord webhooks. An identifier for the last post sent to Discord is simply serialized to a text file and used the next time the application is run to pick up on any new posts.



Clone the repo and run shards build.


Specify config.json:

Field Type Description
post-path string The directory the runtime should look for markdown files in. This should always be ./crystal-website/_posts.
post_record_path string The name of the file to save the name of the last read post to.
webhooks array of strings A list of Discord webhooks to distribute posts to.


  "post_path": "./crystal-website/_posts",
  "post_record_path": "last_post.txt",
  "webhooks": [
    ".. Discord webhook URLs here .."

This config should be placed in the same directory as and the crystal-news binary.


Run bin/

Both config.json and the crystal-news binary should be in the same directory as the script.

  • If config.json is not found, it will fall back to ENV[WEBHOOK_URL] (single URL)

  • If the crystal-news binary is not found, the script will abort.


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