Q Language (beta)


This is the beta version of the Q language. Q is written in Crystal, so you can run it like so:

crystal run main.cr -- file.q

Note that this is still in beta.

What is Q?

Q is a functional-ish esoteric-ish language. It is based around the concept of streams/queues, hence the name. There are four main types in Q:

  • A blob, which is just a bunch of raw numbers.
  • A queue, which is just a list of any of the other types.
  • A promise, which is a command to push a blob to a queue.
  • A handler, which is a command to execute a certain promise whenever a certain queue changes.


Blobs are just raw blobs of numbers. To declare a blob, use the syntax:

[1 2 3]

The brackets are mandatory.


A queue is just a list of any of the other data types. All programs are simply queues. To "execute" a queue, the interpreter simply pops items off of it. If the item popped is a promise, it is resolved. Otherwise, it is pushed again. This keeps going until the queue is empty.


A promise is like a JS promise: the interpreter "promises" to execute a bit of code, but gives you no guarantee when (so maybe it's not exactly like a JS promise, whatever). To declare a promise, use the format:

(queue <- [1 2 3])

A promise currently must be made up of a queue name followed by a <- followed by a blob. All programs are simply sequences of promises and handlers. If the queue referenced by a promise does not exist, it is created.


Handlers are not really a type - they are declared before runtime. A handler simply sets up an event handler of sorts, which will trigger whenever a certain queue is pushed to. To declare a handler, use the syntax:

(queue -> (queue2 <- [1 2 3]))

A handler must be made up of a queue name followed by a -> followed by a promise. Since handlers are set up before runtime, they can be declared anywhere in the program, even before their queue is pushed to.


Q is far from finished, and I plan to add quite a few features, including:

  • An stdlib
  • The ability to push promises to a queue
  • Syntatic sugar for strings and numbers
  • More flexible handlers

License and Credits

This code is licensed under GNU GPL v3.0. It was all written by me, sugarfi.

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