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TikToker is a command-line client for TikTok. It allows you to search and browse users from the terminal, and to download videos and its metadata from an user profile or from a hashtag.

For now, you'll have to spin up a signature server, used to sign requests to the Tiktok API.

See TikTok Passport.



  • Download public and private profiles.
  • Download hashtags.
  • Built with archivists in mind: incremental sync.
  • Automatically resumes previously-interrupted download iterations to prevent rate limiting.
  • JSON metadata is stored alongside the video.
  • Batch file, cronjob friendly.


This lib is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained or endorsed by TikTok or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

This is purely an educational proof of concept.


Pre-built - Recommended

Just download the latest release for your platform here. Then move the binary to your PATH, or just use it right away.

From source

It only takes a few seconds to compile it yourself. It's not rocket science.

Build dependencies:

$ git clone https://github.com/kandayo/tiktoker
$ cd tiktoker
$ shards build --release --ignore-crystal-version
$ ./bin/tiktoker --help

Then move the binary to your PATH, or just use it right away.


Incremental sync

If --fast-update (or -f) is given, TikToker stops when arriving at the first already downloaded video. This flag is recommended when you use TikToker to update your personal archive.

This concept was inspired by Instaloader.

$ tiktoker download user charlidamelio --fast-update

Collecting videos from user feed  -- username: charlidamelio
 + Charli D’amelio - 000002.mp4 [========================] 11.1 MB | 100%
 + Charli D’amelio - 000001.mp4; exists
✅ Charli D’amelio in sync!


If --verbose (or -V) is given, TikToker will print debug information for each operation. You can use it to inspect request/response params, headers and body.

Cronjob mode

If --quiet (or -q) is given, TikTok will not produce any output (except error messages). The download progress bar is disabled as well. This makes TikToker suitable as a cron job.

Error handling

Network errors are gracefully retried following a randomized exponential backoff technique. This behaviour is customizable.

--retry-attempts [attempts; default: 10]
  Maximum number of retry attempts until a request is aborted.

--connect-timeout [seconds; default: 5]
  Timeout waiting for TikTok server connection to open in seconds.

--write-timeout [seconds; default: 5]
  Timeout when waiting for TikTok server to receive data.

--read-timeout [seconds; default: 5]
  Timeout when waiting for TikTok server to return data.


See tiktoker --help. For more examples, please refer to the documentation.

Find user

Usage: tiktoker user [username] [--feed]

$ tiktoker user charlidamelio

│ charli d’amelio [Verified]                                            │
│ @charlidamelio                                                        │
│ 1.21K Following │ 114M Followers  │ 9.2B Likes      │ 1763 Videos     │
│ URL                                                             │ Views │ Likes │ Comments │
│ https://www.tiktok.com/@charlidamelio/video/6957450991809662214 │ 8.8M  │ 2.5M  │ 188K     │
│ https://www.tiktok.com/@charlidamelio/video/6957004076668177670 │ 17.3M │ 3.7M  │ 457K     │
│ https://www.tiktok.com/@charlidamelio/video/6956671135194844422 │ 14.2M │ 2.4M  │ 77.0K    │
│ https://www.tiktok.com/@charlidamelio/video/6956651282199284997 │ 22.5M │ 4.5M  │ 78.1K    │
│ https://www.tiktok.com/@charlidamelio/video/6956256557197790469 │ 20.3M │ 3.8M  │ 111K     │
│ https://www.tiktok.com/@charlidamelio/video/6955937279537990918 │ 18.2M │ 3.1M  │ 94.0K    │

You can also get more specific information about an user.

SecUID           : MS4wLjABAAAA-VASjiXTh7wDDyXvjk10VFhMWUAoxr8bgfO1kAL1-9s
ID               : 5831967
Avatar           : https://p16-sign-va.tiktokcdn.com/musically-maliva-obj/0a0242e5f906bf9301f859c568b5ecc4~c5_1080x1080.jpeg
Registered at    : Saturday, 14 Nov 2015 12:57
Comment settings : Everyone
Duet settings    : Everyone
Stitch settings  : Everyone

Search user

Usage: tiktoker search user [criteria] [--cursor]

$ tiktoker search user charlidamelio

│ Username          │ Nickname                      │ Followers │ Verified │
│ charlidamelio     │ charli d’amelio               │ 113.9M    │ true     │
│ augustrush        │ charli d’amelio’s Adopted Bro │ 1.5M      │ true     │
│ charlidamelio6650 │ Charli Damelio                │ 502.2K    │ false    │
│ charlidameilo     │ charli d’amelio               │ 333.2K    │ false    │
│ cactiboy          │ Charli D’amelio               │ 208.1K    │ false    │
│ blidmor           │ charlidamelio                 │ 154.3K    │ false    │

Download user profile

Usage: tiktoker download user [username or SecUID] [--fast-update] [--cursor]

$ tiktoker download user charlidamelio

Collecting videos from user feed  -- username: charlidamelio
 + Charli D’amelio - 6957004076668177670.mp4 [========================] 11.1 MB | 100%
 + Charli D’amelio - 6956671135194844422.mp4 [========================] 19.2 MB | 100%
 + Charli D’amelio - 6957004076668177670.mp4 [========================] 14.1 MB | 100%
 + Charli D’amelio - 6956671135194844422.mp4 [========================] 23.3 MB | 100%

Download from batch file

Usage: tiktoker download batch [file] [--fast-update]

If --batch-file <file.txt> (or -a) is given, TikToker will read file.txt expecting @usernames and SecUIDs to download, one identifier per line. Lines starting with an # or empty lines are considered as comments and ignored.

Usernames must be prefixed with an @, e.g. @username, @charlidamelio.

SecUIDs must not be prefixed with an @, e.g. MS4wLjABA[...].

$ cat batch.txt
 ~> # Comment (ignored)
 ~> MS4wLjABAAAA-VASjiXTh7wDDyXvjk10VFhMWUAoxr8bgfO1kAL1-9s
 ~> @charlidamelio # Inline comments are also allowed.

$ tiktoker download batch file.txt

As a library

Installation as a shard

  1. Add the dependency to your shard.yml:

        github: kandayo/tiktoker
  2. Run shards install --ignore-crystal-version.


require "tiktoker"

TikToker.config.with do |config|
  config.signature_server_url = "http://passport.internal.docker"
  config.retry_attempts = 0


A iterator allows transparently iterating a resource by page.

iterator = TikToker::ProfileIterator.new(SecUID, cursor)

iterator.next # => Page 1
iterator.next # => Page 2
iterator.next # => Iterator::Stop

Most of the time, what you really want is to iterate through the posts without having to worry about pagination.

iterator = TikToker::ProfileIterator.new(SecUID, cursor)

iterator.each_post do |post|
  post # => TikTok::Post


For more examples, please refer to the documentation.

TikToker.find_user(username)               # => TikTok::UserProfile
TikToker.find_user_secuid(username)        # => "MS4wLjABAAAA-VASjiXTh7wDDyXvjk10VFhMWUAoxr8bgfO1kAL1-9s"
TikToker.user_profile_feed(SecUID, cursor) # => TikTok::PostCollection
TikToker.search_user(term, cursor)         # => TikTok::SearchResult

Manually building a request

request = TikToker::RequestBuilder.search_user(term, cursor)

request        # => TikToker::Request
request.build  # => "https://m.tiktok.com/api/search/user/full?[...]"

Manually signing a request


You can use your own signer backend. Make sure to define a #call instance method and inherit from RequestSigner::Backend.

class CustomSigner < TikToker::RequestSigner::Backend
  def initialize(@request : TikToker::Request)

  def call : TikToker::SignedRequest
    # ...

TikToker::RequestSigner.sign(request, backend: CustomSigner)


Dockerized environment


Provision the project by running dip provision and then use dip crystal, dip spec or dip runner to interact with the dockerized development environment.


If you prefer developing on your local machine, make sure you have all dependencies installed and running.


  1. Fork it (https://github.com/kandayo/tiktoker/fork)
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create a new Pull Request



The lib is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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