⚡️ A server for my site, a mail client, online compilers, etc.

Note: www has been deprecated in favor of gww.

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My public server, written mostly in Crystal, Rust, and TypeScript.

A note to the curious explorer: this repository is a monolith that has grown unwieldy in some areas, mostly due to poor architectural choices when I wanted to get something done. Please feel free to file issues for problems you observe! I plan to rewrite this site and resolve all of these problems.

That said, www has a lot of good code. I was young and naive, and am now somewhat less young and maybe less naive.


www is an application server, hosting much more than just my informational page. Most of its features are listed below, under the top-level root hafiz.

  • hafiz - top level root.
    • /atomas - a web clone of atomas.
    • /blog - like a blog.
    • /bin - dynamically served scripts.
      • Provides marginally secure hosting for scripts that you want to share, but not necessarily with everyone. Free to use; just file an issue for what you need.
    • /bios - bios I like.
    • /cc - like a blog.
    • /mail - a secure, lightweight mail client.
    • /movie-emoji - a game.
    • /notes - class notes of varying completenness.
    • /position - a spatial position library.
    • /recipes - recipes. File an issue to submit your own.
    • /try - text editors and online compilers.
      • /anoop - the anoop esoteric language.
      • /rod - the rod esoteric language.
      • /xela - the xela programming language.
    • /vector - get information about vectors.

There's a lot of APIs here, but I do not currently have the bandwidth to document them. Please file an issue if it benefits you for me to do that.


The repo is reset to an initial commit after each 100 commits, or after major feature (X.0.0) introduction. This is done because big numbers scare me or because I am not an image of my past, whichever sounds better. There have been 2 resets so far.

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