A bare-bones blogging application


fortunate is a bare-bones, simple blog app. It is written using Lucky.


  1. Follow Lucky's installation instructions to get the required depencies.
  2. Create a PostgreSQL database fortunate_production.
  3. Clone the git repo from https://github.com/oneiros/fortunate
  4. Run yarn install and shards install
  5. Migrate the database with crystal run tasks.cr -- db.migrate. Optionally run crystal run tasks.cr -- db.create_sample_seeds to create sample data including an initial user (admin@example.com:password).
  6. Compile assets with yarn prod
  7. Compile fortunate with crystal build --release src/start_server.cr

See Lucky's deployment guides for some additional / alternative ideas to get up and running.


fortunate can be configured using environment variables.

Variable name Default Value Description
LUCKY_ENV development Lucky's environment. Set this to production for live installations. The default is fine if you want to improve the code.
DATABASE_URL "postgres:///fortunate_<environment>" The PostgreSQL-URL used to connect to your database
SECRET_KEY_BASE none Set this to a random string. You can use crystal run tasks.cr -- gen.secret_key to generate one.
APP_DOMAIN none Set this to the base url of your domain, e.g. https://blog.example.com
FORTUNATE_SITE_NAME "My Blog" The name of your blog


  1. Install required dependencies
  2. Clone the git repo from https://github.com/oneiros/fortunate
  3. Run script/setup
  4. Run lucky dev to start the app

You can learn about Lucky from the Lucky Guides.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/oneiros/fortunate.


The project is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt.

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MIT License