Crystal ORM using ActiveRecord pattern with flexible query DSL

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ActiveRecord pattern implementation for Crystal with a powerful query DSL, validation, relationship definition, translation and migration mechanism.


Add this to your application's shard.yml:

    github: imdrasil/
    version: "~> 0.8.4"


  • you need to choose one of the existing drivers for your DB: mysql or postgres; sqlite3 adapter automatically installs required driver for it;
  • crystal >= 0.31.0.


Jennifer allows you to maintain everything for your models - from DB migrations and field mapping to callbacks and building queries. For detailed information see the docs and API documentation.


For command management Jennifer uses Sam. Due to this you can easily create/migrate/drop database or invoke generator to bootstrap your models and migrations.


Jennifer has built-in database migration management system. Migrations allow you to organize all database changes.

To start using Jennifer you'll first need to generate a migration:

$ crystal -- generate:migration CreateContact

then fill the created migration file with content:

class CreateContact < Jennifer::Migration::Base
  def up
    # Postgres requires to create specific enum type
    create_enum(:gender_enum, ["male", "female"])
    create_table(:contacts) do |t|
      t.string :name, {:size => 30}
      t.integer :age
      t.integer :tags, {:array => true}
      t.field :gender, :gender_enum

  def down
    drop_table :contacts

and run

$ crystal -- db:setup

to create the database and run the newly created migration.


Jennifer provides next features:

  • flexible model schema definition
  • relationship definition (belongs_to, has_many, has_one, has_and_belongs_to_many) - including polymorphic ones
  • built-in extendable validations
  • model-specific query scope definition
  • callbacks
  • database view support
  • SQL translations

Hers is a model example:

class Contact < Jennifer::Model::Base
    id: Primary32, # is an alias for Int32? primary key
    name: String,
    gender: { type: String?, default: "male" },
    age: { type: Int32, default: 10 },
    description: String?,
    created_at: Time?,
    updated_at: Time?

  has_many :facebook_profiles, FacebookProfile
  has_and_belongs_to_many :countries, Country
  has_and_belongs_to_many :facebook_many_profiles, FacebookProfile, join_foreign: :profile_id
  has_one :passport, Passport

  validates_inclusion :age, 13..75
  validates_length :name, minimum: 1, maximum: 15
  validates_with_method :name_check

  scope :older { |age| where { _age >= age } }
  scope :ordered { order(name: :asc) }

  def name_check
    return unless description && description.not_nil!.size > 10
    errors.add(:description, "Too large description")

Query DSL

Jennifer allows you to query the DB using a flexible DSL:

  .left_join(Passport) { _contact_id == _contact__id }
  .order(id: :asc).order(Contact._name.asc.nulls_last)
Contact.all.eager_load(:countries).where { __countries {"%tan%") } }, PG::Numeric)

Supported features:

  • fetching model objects from the database
  • fetching records from a specific table
  • magic underscore table column notation which allows effectively reference any table column or alias
  • eager loading of model associations any levels deep
  • support of common SQL functions (including aggregations) and mechanism to register own ones
  • flexible DSL of all SQL clauses (SELECT, FROM, WHERE, JOIN, GROUP BY, etc.)
  • CTE support
  • JSON operators
  • table and column aliasing

Much more about the query DSL can be found in the wiki page.


You can easily configure error message generated for certain validation violation for a specific model or globally. Model and attribute names can be easily configured as well. For internationalization purpose i18n is used. For more details how does it work see wiki.

Logging & Debugging

Jennifer uses a regular Crystal logging mechanism so you could specify your own logger or formatter:

# Here is default logger configuration
Jennifer::Config.configure do |conf|
  conf.logger = do |logger|
    logger.formatter = do |_severity, datetime, _progname, message, io|
      io << datetime << ": " << message

    logger.level = Logger::DEBUG

All errors occurred during executing query includes query itself with arguments along side description. Jennifer::Model::Base#inspect returns model debug information filtered out all unnecessary information.

# #<Address:0x7efde96ac0d0 id: 1, street: "Ant st. 69", contact_id: nil, created_at: 2019-06-10 11:11:11.665032000 +03:00 Local>

Also, you can get a query execution plan explanation right from your code - just execute #explain on query to get appropriate information (output is database specific):

Contact.all.explain # => Seq Scan on contacts  (cost=0.00..14.30 rows=100.0 width=320)

Testing tips

The fastest way to rollback all changes in the DB after test case is by using a transaction. So add:

Spec.before_each do

Spec.after_each do

to your NB. you could simply use regular deleting or truncation, but a transaction will provide a 15x speed up (at least for postgres; mysql gets less impact).

These functions can be safely used only under test environment.


Now that Jennifer is under heavy development, there could be many breaking changes. So please check the release notes to check if any of the changes may prevent you from using it. Also, until this library reaches a beta version, the next version rules will be followed:

  • all bug fixes, new minor features or (sometimes) ones that don't break the existing API will be added as a patch number (e.g. 0.3.4);

  • all breaking changes and new important features (as well as reaching a milestone) will be added by bumping the minor digit (0.4.0);

So even a patch version change could bring a lot of new stuff.

If there is a branch for the next release - it will be removed 1 month after the release. So please use them only as a hotfix or for experiments or contribution.


Before developing any feature please create an issue where you describe your idea.

To setup dev environment run ./examples/ - it creates ./examples/database.yml configuration file. You can override there any values specific to your environment (like db user of password).

To create the databases:

# Postgres
$ make sam db:setup

# Mysql
$ DB=mysql make sam db:setup

Running tests

All unit tests are written using core spec. Also in spec/ some custom unit test matchers are defined. All migrations are under the ./examples/migrations directory.

The common way to run tests is just use using regular crystal spec tool:

$ crystal spec

PostgreSQL is used by default, but MySql is also supported while running tests by specifying environment variable DB=mysql:

In case you need to set the database user or password, use:

$ DB_USER=user DB_PASSWORD=pass crystal spec

Integration tests

Except unit tests there are also several integration tests. These tests checks possibility to compile and invoke jennifer functionality in some special edge cases (e.g. without defined models, migrations, etc.).

To run integration test just use standard spec runner:

$ crystal spec spec/integration/<test_name>.cr

Each test file is required to be invoked separately as it may have own configuration.

To run docker-related tests (by the way, all of them run only with mysql) firstly you should run docker container and specify environment variable DOCKER=1. For more details take a look at spec/integration/sam/* application files and examples/ docker boot script.


Self documentation is not fully support yet but docs can be compiled using this shell script:

$ ./

NB. It also depends on then chosen adapter (postgres by default).

Similar shards

  • crecto - based on Phoenix's Ecto lib and follows the repository pattern
  • granite-orm - lightweight ORM focusing on mapping fields from request to your objects
  • topaz - inspired by AR ORM with migration mechanism
  • micrate - standalone database migration tool for crystal


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create a new Pull Request

Please ask me before starting work on smth.


  • imdrasil Roman Kalnytskyi - creator, maintainer


0.8.4 (15-11-2019)


  • use adapter's #read_column in NestedRelationTree
  • add RelationTree#adapter
  • fix Ordering#order(Hash(String | Symbol, String | Symbol))


  • fix issue with treating tinyint mysql field as boolean
  • remove ResultParser#result_to_array
  • add Mysql#read_column
  • add Base.default_max_bind_vars_count which returns default maximum count of bind variables that can be used in Base#bulk_insert (default is 32766)
  • Mysql.default_max_bind_vars_count and Postgres.default_max_bind_vars_count returns 32766
  • Base#bulk_insert doesn't do table lock no more
  • if variables that should be inserted by Base#bulk_insert exceed Base.max_bind_vars all of them are quoted and put into a query
  • remove BaseSQLGenerator::ARRAY_ESCAPE
  • move BaseSQLGenerator::ARGUMENT_ESCAPE_STRING to Quoting
  • move BaseSQLGenerator .quote, .escape_string, .filter_out to Quoting
  • add correct values quoting for postgres adapter
  • add correct values quoting for mysql adapter
  • now logger writes BEGIN instead of TRANSACTION START, COMMIT instead of TRANSACTION COMMIT and ROLLBACK instead of TRANSACTION ROLLBACK on corresponding transaction commands
  • add SchemaProcessor::FkEventActions enum to validate on_delete and on_update action values; String | Symbol still should be used as an argument type everywhere


  • add max_bind_vars_count property to present maximum allowed count of bind variables to be used in bulk insert operation
  • add MigrationFailureHandler enum to validate migration_failure_handler_method value; Symbol | MigrationFailureHandler should be used as an argument for it
  • fix migration_failure_handler_method config - make it instance property

0.8.3 (19-10-2019)


  • add crystal 0.31.1 compatibility
  • add crystal-db@0.7.0 support
  • remove sam from mandatory dependencies


  • fix bug with primary field presence assertion


  • fix bug with primary field presence assertion


  • add date SQL data type
  • date_time field type maps to timestamp SQL data type (postgres only)


  • add Runner.pending_migration? to return whether there is pending (not invoked) migration
  • add Base.with_transaction method to disable automatic transaction wrapping around migration methods
  • add Base.with_transaction? to check whether migration is run under a transaction
  • remove var_string field type
  • remove blob field type for postgres
  • fix wrong explanation message for TableBuilder::CreateIndex
  • add new TableBuilder::CreateTable#index signatures (old ones are deprecated):
    • #index(fields : Array(Symbol), type : Symbol | ::Nil = nil, name : String | ::Nil = nil, lengths : Hash(Symbol, Int32) = {} of Symbol => Int32, orders : Hash(Symbol, Symbol) = {} of Symbol => Symbol)
    • #index(field : Symbol, type : Symbol | ::Nil = nil, name : String | ::Nil = nil, length : Int32 | ::Nil = nil, order : Symbol | ::Nil = nil)
  • make default varchar length 254 (mysql only)
  • add foreign key ON UPDATE and ON DELETE support
  • Base#add_foreign_key accepts on_delete and on_update keyword arguments to specify corresponding actions
  • TableBuilder::ChangeTable#add_foreign_key accepts on_delete and on_update keyword arguments to specify corresponding actions
  • TableBuilder::CreateTable#reference accepts on_delete and on_update options to specify corresponding actions
  • TableBuilder::CreateTable#foreign_key accepts on_delete and on_update keyword arguments to specify corresponding actions

0.8.2 (11-09-2019)


  • upgrade TechMagister/ dependency to 0.3.1

0.8.1 (04-09-2019)


  • add crystal-pg 0.18.0 support
  • add ameba check to CI
  • fix bug with not defined JSON


  • Add EnumConverter converter for Postgre ENUM field convert
  • (pg only) field presenting ENUM field should explicitly specify converter: Jennifer::Model::EnumConverter


  • Postgre adapter now doesn't register decoders for each ENUM type in #prepare


  • add allow_outdated_pending_migration configuration to specify whether outdated pending migration should be silently processed or error should be raised


  • extend Jennifer::Migration::TableBuilder::Base::AllowedTypes alias with Int64 type.

0.8.0 (11-06-2019)


  • by default db:migrate task outputs information about executed migrations
  • db:create command doesn't fail if database already exists


  • remove redundant Criteria#similar which is loaded with postgres adapter
  • add Query#insert and Query#upsert
  • add ExpressionBuilder#values and Values to reference to VALUES statement in upsert
  • .find_by_sql and .to_a of ModelQuery(T) use instead of
  • add CommonTableExpression to present SQL CTE
  • rename EagerLoading#with to #with_relation
  • #last! and #last assigns old limit value back after request instead of additional #reverse_order call
  • speed up Query allocation by making all query part containers nilable
  • add 2nd argument to Query#union setting union to be UNION ALL
  • now Query#with presents API for registering common table expression
  • add Query#merge
  • Query#where yields expression builder
  • Query's #join, #right_join, #left_join and #lateral_join yield expression builders of a main query and joined context
  • add next SQL functions: count, sum, avg, min, max, coalesce and concat_ws sql functions
  • round function now accepts second optional argument specifying precision
  • Function's #operands_to_sql and #operand_sql now are public
  • Function.define macro accepts comment key to specify function class documentation comment
  • Function.define macro arity argument by default is 0 (instead of -1)
  • add ExpressionBuilder#cast
  • handle an empty array passed to Criteria#in
  • fix missing LIMIT in query generated by #first!
  • fix result type of Executables#exists? query method to Bool (thanks @skloibi)
  • add Executables#explain


  • now calls after_initialize hooks and supports STI
  • now is alias for
  • properties passed to Mapping.mapping now is parsed before main mapping macro is executed
  • #append_{{relation_name}} methods of RelationDefinition now use .new to build a related object
  • Resource::Supportable alias is removed
  • Resource.search_by_sql is removed in favour of Resource.all.find_by_sql
  • fix bug with ignoring of field converter by a STI child
  • fix default constructor for STI child - now it is generated if parent model has only type field without default value
  • allow mapping option column that defines a custom column name that is mapped to this field (thank @skloibi)
  • Base#table_name is moved to Resource
  • Mapping module now can be included by another module with mapping definition
  • STIMapping now doesn't convert result set to hash and use same logic as Mapping
  • add :auto mapping option to specify whether primary key is autoincrementable


  • change Validations::Uniqueness to consider field mappings when validating properties (thank @skloibi)
  • allow passing multiple fields to .validates_uniqueness to validate combination uniqueness (thank @skloibi)


  • introduce Mapping instead of ExperimentalMapping; new mapping heavily reuse Model::Mapping
  • allow specification of property aliases via column option (cf. Model) (thank @skloibi)
  • mapping shares same functionality as Model's


  • remove Base::ArgType alias
  • add Base#upsert
  • Postgres::Adapter#data_type_exists? is renamed to #enum_exists?
  • fix bug for dropping foreign key for postgres adapter
  • remove TableBuilderBuilders - now Migration::Base creates commands by its own
  • speed-up tables column count fetch at application start-up
  • Fix result type of #exists? query method to Bool for Base and Postgres adapters (thanks @skloibi)
  • add Base#explain abstract method and implementations for Mysql and Postgres


  • add verbose_migrations to hide or show migration details during db:migrate command invocation


  • add .insert_on_duplicate and .values_expression to BaseSQLGenerator as abstract methods and implementations to Postgres and Mysql
  • now BaseSQLGenerator.from_clause accepts 2 arguments (instead of 2..3) accepting table name as 2nd argument
  • add BaseSQLGenerator.with_clause which generates CTE
  • add BaseSQLGenerator.explain


  • add Base#tinyint (not all adapter support it)
  • change next Base instance method signature:
    • #foreign_key_exists?(from_table, to_table = nil, column = nil, name : String? = nil)
    • #add_index(table_name : String | Symbol, field : Symbol, type : Symbol? = nil, name : String? = nil, length : Int32? = nil, order : Symbol? = nil) (same for TableBuilder::CreateTable#index and TableBuilder::ChangeTable#add_index)
    • #drop_index(table : String | Symbol, fields : Array(Symbol) = [] of Symbol, name : String? = nil) (same for TableBuilder::ChangeTable#drop_index)
    • #drop_foreign_key(to_table : String | Symbol, column = nil, name = nil) (same for TableBuilder::ChangeTable#drop_foreign_key)
  • add TableBuilder::CreateTable#column as alias to TableBuilder::CreateTable#field
  • new signature of TableBuilder::CreateTable#reference - #reference(name, type : Symbol = :integer, options : Hash(Symbol, AAllowedTypes) =


  • for missing fields BaseException exception is raised instead of KeyError

0.7.1 (09-02-2019)


  • #pluck, #update, #db_results, #results. #each_result_set and #find_in_batchesof Query respects #none (returns empty result if it has being called)
  • remove deprecated QueryObject constructor accepting array of options and #params


  • fix mapping issue when all Generics are assumed as unions (#208)


  • allow passing multiple fields to .validates_uniqueness to validate combination uniqueness


  • Mysql::SchemaProcessor now respects false as column default value
  • Postgres::SchemaProcessor now respects false as column default value


  • introduce new configuration pool_size which sets max_idle_pool_size = max_pool_size = initial_pool_size to the given value; getter #pool_size returns #max_pool_size
  • postgres is no more default adapter


  • TableBuilder::Base::AllowedTypes alias includes Float64 and JSON::Any

0.7.0 (08-01-2019)


  • bump sam to "~> 0.3.0"
  • add sam command generate:model to generate model and related migration
  • move all logic regarding file generating to Jennifer::Generators space
  • add db:seed task as a placeholder seeding task
  • db:setup now invokes db:seed after db:migrate


  • add #and, #or and #xor shortcut methods to ExpressionBuilder
  • Criteria#in now accepts SQLNode as well
  • add Statement module with base abstract functionality needed for query string generating
  • ExpressionBuilder#g and #group now has no argument type restriction
  • Grouping#condition now can be of Statement type
  • Query includes Statement
  • Query#to_sql now is #as_sql, #select_args - #sql_args
  • Condition includes Statement
  • Executables#update accepts block expecting Hash(Symbol, Statement) to be returned
  • Executables#modify is removed in favor of new #update method accepting block
  • now LogicOperator is inherited from SQLNode
  • #delete and exists? of Executables do nothing when #do_nothing? is true
  • add Query#do_nothing?
  • add Query.null which returns
  • Join accepts Grouping for ON condition


  • remove Base.build_params, Base.parameter_converter methods
  • remove ParameterConverter class
  • fix skipping generating default constructor byMapping.mapping when at least one field has default value and all others are nilable
  • stringified_type option is removed from the COLUMNS_METADATA
  • STIMapping#arguments_to_save & STIMapping#arguments_to_insert now respect field converter
  • Translation model now is includeable module
  • all class methods of Translation are moved to Translation::ClassMethods which is automatically extended by target class using included macro
  • #lookup_ancestors and #human_attribute_name methods of Translation are added
  • Errors#base now is type of Translation instead of Base
  • add Base#persisted?
  • now attribute-specific rendering for Resource#inspect is generated by .mapping
  • add polymorphic relation support for has_one, has_many and belongs_to relations
  • add :nodoc: for almost all generated relation methods (except #association)
  • add missing relation names for criterion in Relation::Base methods
  • add Relation::IPolymorphicBelongsTo, Relation::PolymorphicHasMany and Relation::PolymorphicHasOne
  • @new_record, @destroyed, @errors, changeset and relation attributes now is ignored by JSON::Serializable
  • add skip_validation argument to Authentication.with_authentication macro to specify whether validation should be added
  • add generating predicate method #{{attribute}}? for boolean attribute
  • allow Jennifer::Model::Base#attribute= to accept not only defined type but also Jennifer::DBAny
  • rename Base#update_attributes to Base#set_attributes


  • all validation macros now accept :if key; the value may be both Symbol name of a method to be called or expression
  • replace validation logic generated during a macro call with new validators usage: Validations::Absence, Validations::Acceptance, Validations::Confirmation, Validations::Exclusion, Validations::Format, Validations::Inclusion, Validations::Length, Validations::Numericality, Validations::Presence, Validations::Uniqueness
  • remove Jennifer::Validator in favour of Jennifer::Valdiations::Validator
  • all validators by default implement singleton pattern
  • all validation macros are moved to Jennifer::Validations::Macros


  • now attribute-specific rendering for Resource#inspect is generated by .mapping
  • add generating predicate method #{{attribute}}? for boolean attribute


  • fix output stream for postgres schema dump
  • remove legacy postgres insert
  • add Adapter#foreign_key_exists?
  • add Mysql::SchameProcessor
  • now Base#schema_processor is abstract
  • add Postgres::SchemaProcessor#rename_table
  • SchemaProcessor now is abstract class
  • all builder methods are moved from SchemaProcessor class to TableBuilderBuilders module
  • fix syntax in SchemaProcessor#drop_foreign_key
  • all _query arguments in Base methods are renamed to query
  • Base.extract_arguments is removed
  • .delete, .exists and .count of BaseSQLGenerator now returns string
  • Postgres.bulk_insert is removed
  • Transaction#with_connection ensure to release connection
  • all sqlite3 related code are removed


  • fix migration_failure_handler_method property from being global
  • add new property model_files_path presenting model directory (is used in a scope of model generating)
  • fix ignoring skip_dumping_schema_sql config


  • .select_clause now doesn't invoke .from_clause under the hood
  • .lock_clause adds whitespaces around lock statement automatically


  • remove Runner.generate and Runner::MIGRATION_DATE_FORMAT
  • TableBuilder::CreateTable#reference triggers #foreign_key and accepts polymorphic bool argument presenting whether additional type column should be added; for polymorphic reference foreign key isn't added


  • 'RecordNotFound' from QueryBuilder::Query#first! and QueryBuilder::Query#last! includes detailed parsed query

0.6.2 (23-10-2018)


  • add :nodoc: to all internal constants and generated methods (implementing standard ORM methods) from the macros


  • Query isn't extended by Ifrit
  • add OrderItem to describe order direction
  • add Criteria#order, Criteria#asc and Criteria#desc to create OrderItem
  • add Condition#eql? to compare with other condition or SQLNode (returns false)
  • add Criteria#eql?, Grouping#eql?, LogicOperator#eql?
  • add Query#order and Query#reorder with accepting OrderItem
  • now Query#order with block to expect a OrderItem
  • remove CriteriaContainer
  • QueryObject now is an abstract class
  • changed wording for the ArgumentError in #max, #min, #sum, #avg methods of Aggregation to "Cannot be used with grouping"
  • change Query#from(_from : String | Query) signature to Query#from(from : String | Query)


  • #save and #update will return true when is called on an object with no changed fields (all before callbacks are invoked)
  • next Base methods become abstract: .primary_auto_incrementable?, .build_params, #destroy, #arguments_to_save, #arguments_to_insert
  • Base#_extract_attributes and Base#_sti_extract_attributes become private
  • all callback invocation methods become protected
  • next Resource methods become abstract: .primary, .field_count, .field_names, .columns_tuple, #to_h, #to_str_h
  • Resource isn't extended by Ifrit
  • regenerate .build_params for STI models
  • Scoping.scope(Symbol,QueryObject) now checks in runtime whether T of Jennifer::QueryBuilder::ModelQuery(T) responds to method named after the scope


  • Base#_after_initialize_callback becomes protected
  • Base#_extract_attributes becomes private


  • fix custom port not used when accessing the Postgres database


  • TableBuilder::Base isn't extended by Ifrit
  • rename TableBuilder::ChangeTable#new_table_rename getter to #new_table_name
  • fix misuse of local variable in TableBuilder::ChangeTable#rename_table
  • TableBuilder::ChangeTable#change_column has next changes:
    • old_name argument renamed to name
    • new_name argument is replaced with option in options arguemnt hash
    • raise ArgumentError if both type and options[:sql_type] are nil
  • TableBuilder::ChangeTable#change_column raises ArgumentError if both type and options[:sql_type] are nil
  • TableBuilder::CreateTable#field data_type argument renamed to type
  • TableBuilder::CreateTable#timestamps creates fields with null: false by default
  • TableBuilder::CreateTable#add_index is removed in favour of #index
  • .pending_versions, .assert_outdated_pending_migrations and .default_adapter methods of Runnerbecome private
  • Runner.config is removed

0.6.1 (07-09-2018)


  • adds Time::Span to supported types


  • allows listing any SQLNode instance in SELECT clause (like raw sql or functions)
  • removes redundant SQLNode#sql_args_count
  • adds SQLNode#filterable? function which presents if node has filterable sql parameter
  • refactors Condition#sql_arg
  • adds Function base abstract class for defining custom sql functions
  • adds lower, upper, current_timestamp, current_date, current_time, now, concat, abs, ceil, floor, round
  • adds Join#filterable? and Query#filterable?
  • raise AmbiguousSQL when % symbol is found in the raw SQL (except %s)


  • replaces mapping option numeric_converter with new converter
  • adds NumericToFloat64Converter and JSONConverter
  • now #to_h and #to_str_h use field getter methods
  • remove puts from JSONConverter#from_db


  • propagate native DB::Error instead of wrapping it into BadQuery
  • manually release a connection when an exception occurs under the transaction


  • set default max_pool_size to 1 and warn about danger of setting different max_pool_size, max_idle_pool_size and initial_pool_size


  • adds Migration::TableBuilder::CreateForeignKey & Migration::TableBuilder::DropForeignKey
  • adds Migration::Base#add_foreign_key & Migration::Base#drop_foreign_key
  • adds Migration::TableBuilder::ChangeTable#add_foreign_key & Migration::TableBuilder::ChangeTable#drop_foreign_key


  • add AmbiguousSQL - is raised when forbidden % symbol is used in the raw SQL

0.6.0 (06-07-2018)


  • adds support of crystal 0.25.0
  • removes time_zone dependency
  • removes requiring "inflector/string"
  • adds cloning to Time::Location & Time::Location::Zone
  • removes Ifrit.typed_hash and Ifrit.typed_array usage
  • presents "mapping types" which allows reusing common type definition
  • now Primary32 and Primary64 are mapping types (not aliases of Int32 and Int64)
  • removes accord dependency


  • allows nested eager loading in ModelQuery(T)#eager_load and ModelQuery(T)#include
  • all query eager loading methods are extracted to separate module QueryBuilder::EagerLoading which is included in QueryBuilder::IModelQuery


  • introduces model virtual attributes
  • adds Mapping.build_params and ParameterConverter class for converting Hash(String, String) parameters to acceptable by model
  • allows to specify table prefix
  • all relations are stored in Base::RELATIONS
  • fixes building of sti objects using parent class
  • adds Jennifer::Model::Authentication module with authentication logic
  • fixes compile time issue with IRelation when app has no belongs-to relation defined
  • fixes bug with reading Int64 primary key
  • adds #inspect
  • adds numeric_converter mapping option for numeric postgres field
  • introduces new Jennifer::Model::Errors class replacing Accord::ErrorList which mimics analogic rails one a lot;
  • moves Translation::human_error method functionality to introduced Errors instance level
  • now next Resource static methods are abstract: actual_table_field_count, primary_field_name, build, all, superclass
  • Resource#inspect returns simplified version (only class name and object id)
  • Resource.all now is a macro method
  • fixes Model::Translation.lookup_ancestors from breaking at compilation time
  • now all built-in validations use attribute getter methods instead of variables


  • removes ExperimentalMapping#attributes_hash, ExperimentalMapping.strict_mapping?


  • local_time_zone now is a Time::Location
  • local time zone is loaded using Time::Location.local as default value


  • replaces \n with whitespace character as query part separator


  • now migration version is taken from file name timestamp
  • Jennifer::Migration::Base.migrations returns a hash of version number => migration class instead of array of classes

0.5.1 (02-05-2018)


  • fixes bug with compiling application without defined any model (as a result no ModelQuery class is defined as well)
  • allows to pass sql arguments to left hand condition statement
  • fixes bug with invalid order direction type interpretation (#124)


  • adds command interface layer for invoking console tool utilities (e.g. for dumping database schema)
  • adds docker command interface


  • makes Config to realize singleton pattern instead of holding all data as class variables
  • adds flag to skip dumping database schema after running migrations
  • fixes connection port definition (#121)

0.5.0 (13-02-2018)

  • ifrit/core pact is required
  • adds i18n lib support
  • adds time_zone lib support


  • now #destroy uses #find_each
  • adds #patch and #patch! which invokes #update on each object
  • introduced CriteriaContainer to resolve issue with using Criteria object as a key for @order hash
  • all #as_sql methods now accept SQLGenerator class


  • added methods #update & #update! which allows to massassign attributes and store object to the db
  • added support of localization lib (i18n)
  • added methods ::human_attribute_name, ::human_error and ::human to translate model attribute name, error message and model name
  • added own #valid? and #validate! methods - they performs validation and trigger callbacks each call
  • added #invalid? - doesn't trigger validation and callbacks
  • moved all validation error messages to yaml file
  • now %validates_with accepts oly one class and allows to pass extra arguments to validator class
  • %validate_presence_of is renamed to %validate_presence
  • adds new validation macros: %validate_absence, %validates_numericality, %validates_acceptance and %validates_confirmation
  • introduced own validator class
  • adds after_update/before_update callbacks
  • adds after_commit/after_rollback callbacks
  • reorganizes the way how callback method names are stored
  • now %mapping automatically guess is it should be sti or common mapping (should be used in places of %sti_mapping)
  • removed #attributes_hash
  • any time object is converted to UTC when is stored and to local when is retrieved from db


  • any time object is converted to local when is retrieved from db


  • adds ::local_time_zone_name method to set application time zone
  • adds ::local_time_zone - returns local time zone object


  • any time object passed as argument is converted from local time to UTC
  • postgres adapter now use INSERT with RETURNING
  • now several adapters could be required at the same time
  • all schema manipulation methods now in located in the SchemaProcessor

0.4.3 (2-01-2018)

  • All macro methods were rewritten to new 0.24.1 crystal syntax


  • removed Jennifer::Adapter::TICKS_PER_MICROSECOND
  • fixes Jennifer::Adapter::Mysql#table_column_count bug


  • add Primary32 and Primary64 shortcuts for primary key mapping (view mapping respects this as well)
  • add ::create! & ::create with splatted named tuple arguments
  • now relation retrieveness is updated for any superclass relations as well
  • a relation will be retrieved from db for only persisted record
  • move Jennifer::Mode::build method to %mapping macro
  • allow retrieving and building sti records using base class
  • fix #reload method for sti record
  • optimize building sti record from hash


  • fix Criteria#not
  • add Criteria#ilike


  • introduce View::Materialized superclass for materialized views
  • add COLUMNS_METADATA constant
  • add ::columns_tuple which returns COLUMNS_METADATA
  • remove ::children_classes
  • make after_initialize callback respect inheritance
  • add ::adapter


  • add AbstractMethod exception which presents expectation of overriding current method by parents (is useful when method can't be real abstract one)
  • add UnknownSTIType

0.4.2 (24-11-2017)


  • rename #trancate to #truncate


  • rename TableBuilder::DropIndex to TableBuilder::DropIndex
  • remove printing out redundant execution information during db drop and create
  • remove Migration::Base::TABLE_NAME constant
  • allow to pass QueryBuilder::Query as source to the CreateMaterializedView (postgres only)


  • move Base#build method without arguments to Mapping module under the %mapping
  • added validates_presence_of validation macros
  • fixed callback invocation from parent classes
  • add allow_blank key to validates_inclusion, validates_exclusion, validates_format
  • add ValidationMessages module which includes methods generating validation error messages
  • add Primary32 and Primary64 shortcuts for Int32 and Int64 primary field declarations for model and view
  • allow use nil usions instead of null: true named tuple option


  • #count method is moved from Executables module to the Aggregations one
  • changed method signature of #find_in_batches
  • add #find_each - works same way as #find_in_batches but yields each record instead of array
  • add #ordered? method to Ordering module
  • switch Criteria#hash to use object_id as seed
  • add Query#eql?
  • add Query#clone and all related methods
  • add Query#except - creates clone except given clauses
  • make IModelQuery class as new superclass of ModelQuery(T); move all methods no depending on T to the new class

0.4.1 (20-10-2017)


  • added port configuration
  • ::reset_config resets to default configurations
  • added validation for adapter and db
  • ::from_uri allows to load configuration from uri


  • added #query_array method to request array of arrays of given type
  • added #with_table_lock which allows to lock table (mysql and postgres have different behaviors)


  • added all and any statements
  • refactored logical operators - now they don't group themselves with "()"
  • added ExpressionBuilder#g (ExpressionBuilder#grouping) to group some condition
  • added XOR
  • moved all executable methods to Executables module
  • change behavior of #distinct - now it accepts no arguments and just prepend DISTINCT to common select query
  • added #find_in_batches - allows to search over requested collection required only determined amount of records per iteration
  • #find_records_by_sql - returns array of Record by given sql string
  • added :full_outer join type
  • added #lateral_join to make LATERAL JOIN (for now is supported only by PostgreSQL)
  • extracted all join methods to Joining module
  • extracted all ordering methods to Ordering module
  • added #reorder method allowing to reorder existing query


  • added #find_by_sql similar to Query#find_records_by_sql


  • added ::with_table_lock
  • added ::adapter
  • added ::import to perform one query import
  • fixed bug with reloading empty relations


  • added inverse_of option to has_many and has_one relations to sets owner during relation loading

0.4.0 (30-09-2017)


  • BadQuery now allows to append query body to the main error text


  • added #view_exists?(name)


  • now #eager_load behaves as old variant of #includes - via joining relations and adding them to the SELECT statement (breaking changes)

  • added #preload method which allows to load all listed relations after execution of main request

  • new behavior of #includes is same as #preload (breaking changes)

  • added Jennifer::QueryBuilder::QueryObject which designed to be as a abstract class for query objects for Model::Base scopes (will be renamed in futher releases)

  • all query related objects are clonable

  • now GROUP clause is placed right after the WHERE clause

  • aggregation methods is moved to Jennifer::QueryBuilder::Aggregations module which is included in the Query class

  • Query#select now accepts Criteria object, Symbol (which now will be transformed to corresponding Criteria), 'String' (which will be transformed to RawSql), string and symbol tuples, array of criterion and could raise a block with ExpressionBuilder as a current context (Array(Criteria) is expected to be returned)

  • Query#group got same behavior as Query#select

  • Query#order realize same idea as with Query#select but with hashes

  • added Criteria#alias method which allows to alias field in the SELECT clause

  • ExpressionBuilder#star creates "all" attribute; allows optional argument specifying table name

  • RawSql now has @use_brakets attribute presenting whether sql statement should be surrounded by brackets

  • Criteria#sql method now accepts use_brackets argument which is passed to RawSql


  • mysql got #varchar method for column definition
  • added invoking of TableBuilder::CreateMaterializedView in #create_materialized_view method
  • now Jennifer::TableBuilder::CreateMaterializedView accepts only String query
  • added #drop_materialized_view
  • added CreateIndex, DropIndex, CreateView, DropView classes and corresponding methods


  • added attribute(name : String, type : T.class) method


  • added ::context method which return expression builder for current model
  • added ::star method which returns "all" criteria
  • moved scope definition to Scoping module
  • now scopes accepts QueryBuilder::QueryObject class name as a 2nd argument
  • now object inserting into db use old variant with inserting and grepping last inserted id (because of bug with pg crystal driver)


  • added view support for both mysql and postgres - name of abstract class for inheritance Jennifer::View::Base
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